collaboration between the VET Systems & the COMPANIESIn a scenario of unemployment crisis, VET systems must be key actors to improve the employment rates of youngsters. One of the key factors in this scenario is the close collaboration between the VET Systems & the COMPANIES, through the implementation of DUAL TRAINING SYSTEM.

The implementation of DUAL SYSTEM needs to promote some cultural & structural change in all the actors that are involved in the VET Systems:

  • companies need to assume their important role as employer & they need to be opener to a new collaboration pathways with VET schools.
  • …but also TEACHERS must change the way they teach & develop some “new” INFORMAL key pedagogical Skills.

In fact, the TEACHERS must:

  • Teach in a different pedagogical way.
  • Master some specific & adapted teaching methodologies.
  • Ensure that students gain the competences established in the curricula through close collaboration with companies.
  • Develop the Key Pedagogical Competences needed to apply the DUAL TRAINING SYSTEM.

In this project we aim at:

  • Favoring a closer contact between the Companies and the VET system.
  • The creation of new teaching and learning scenarios and methodologies allowing the VET teachers to develop the necessary KEY PEDAGOGICAL Skills & TEACHING methods adapted to the DUAL TRAINING SYSTEM.
  • Ensuring learning mechanisms improving the rates of transference of what has been learnt in the classroom to the working post; improving the way from CAPACITY (what has been learnt) to COMPETENCE (what is used).