DTS project in EfVET 23rd European conference




Dual Teaching Systems project results were presented during EfVET (www.efvet.org) 23rd annual conference held in Porto (22nd -25th October 2014). EfVET (European Forum for Vocational Education and Training) is a European-wide professional association which has been created by and for providers of technical and vocational education and training in all European countries. Over 200 members from organizations across Europe attended the conference.

DTS products were more specifically discussed and shared in two rounds of round tables that were attended by 26 delegates from different countries: Portugal, Denmark, Lithuania, Greece, Finland, The Netherlands, Spain and France. The implementation of the dual training system needs to promote some cultural & structural change in all the actors that are involved in the VET Systems, companies and teachers. DTS aims to develop the Key Pedagogical Competences needed by teachers to apply the DUAL TRAINING SYSTEM. The participants had the opportunity to see and discuss the Learning Outcomes that are being developed at the moment. All the participants were invited to visit the website (http://www.dualteachingsystem.eu ) and to access and freely use the products.