Three VET teachers from HETEL take part in a study visit to the Netherlands


In the framework of the European project “DTS-Dual Teaching System”, VET teachers from Lithuania, Portugal and the Basque Country traveled to the Netherlands in April for a study visit to know firsthand how the dual VET system works in the Dutch country and how is the relation between companies and VET centers.

HETEL, which coordinates the project, sent teachers from three of its VET centers: Mondragon Eskola Politeknikoa, Egibide y Oteitza Lizeo Politeknikoa.

During the visit, the participants could compare the different education systems in their countries, with a special focus on dual VET and they visited the facilities of the Markiezaat College (Bergen, the Netherlands), as well as the facilities of some companies of the region which cooperate with the center.

The most remarkable aspect of the visit was to check the high level of cooperation between the business world and the VET world in the Netherlands. For instance, to enforce the implementation of dual VET, the companies which take part in the system receive fiscal benefits. As a proof of the high commitment of companies with the VET system, most of the machinery available in the College has been provided by business associations. As for the role of the VET centers, they also provide services to companies, especially to SMEs, such as accountancy or the possibility to rent their machinery for hours. A brand new world…

Visit report: