Dual Teaching System Lisboa

The third transnational meeting of the “Dual Teaching System” project was held in Lisbon (Portugal)

Dual Teaching System LisboaLast 25th and 26th February, HETEL and OTEITZA LIZEO POLITEKNIKOA atended the third transnational meeting of the European project DTS. The project, born in the framework of the dual training system, aims to develop training materials addressed to VET teachers and it is facing its final stage.

The meeting took place in the facilities of our Portuguese partner, CENFIM, in Lisbon, where each partner presented and explained the works made in its country. The results achieved by each partner (BFW from Germany, , MPRC from Lithuania, West Brabant from the Netherlands, CENFIM from Portugal and HETEL, Oteitza LP and FFE from Spain) were put together during the meeting.

The hard work carried out the last 5 months has given place to the creation of didactic units and exercises which will be tested in the next weeks. Under HETEL´s leadership, teachers from VET centers will test and evaluate the materials in the 5 countries of the project. In the case of Spain, 10 teachers from HETEL´s centers will evaluate the materials in April.

At the same time, other 40 VET teachers from the rest of the countries will do the same so the materials can be adapted and improved during the next project meeting in Lithuania.

For more information about DTS, please visit our project Website: (http://www.dualteachingsystem.eu )


Dual Teaching System: the first joint conclusions

20140606-HETEL-DTSHETEL participated in the Dual Teaching System transnational meeting in Hamburg the 3rd and 4rd of June with the rest of the project partners: BFW from Germany, CENFIM from Portugal, FFE from the Basque Country, CMPR from Lithuania and Oteitza Lizeo Politeknikoa from the Basque country. Also in this meeting the new partner of the project was presented: West Brabant College from the Netherlands.

These two days the interviews about methodologies used in the Dual VET by teachers from each country were analysed and overall conclusions were agreed.

The last day 5 Learning Outcomes were selected to be developed by September. These will be the first step in achieving the necessary teaching material for the future European Dual VET teachers.

More information: http://www.dualteachingsystem.eu/


German bfw School´s teachers visits HETEL-3

German bfw School´s teachers visits HETEL

German bfw School´s teachers visits HETEL-3

Under the Dual Teaching System Project a group of 5 teachers from HETEL has developed two innovative methodologies. These methodologies were presented in Lithuania last month to a group of teachers there. This month the work was brought to 2 teachers from the German bfw school who came to Oteitza Lizeo Politeknikoa.

On June 3th in Hamburg are to agree the proposals of all the project partners and the teaching methods to be developed and launched in the European Dual Training will be agreed.


Firt working meeting between teachers from HETEL and MPRC

1-working-meeting-between-teachers-HETEL-MPRC-LithuaniaTwo teachers from HETEL (Basque Country), Ainhoa Txopitea from Laudioko Lanbide Heziketa School and Aitor Aspiroz from Oteitza Lizeo Politeknikoa School went to Lithuania to take part in a Focus group as part of the working plan in DTS – Dual Teaching System Leonardo TOI project. This working meeting took part on the 25th of March in MPRC school, Marijampolé (Lithuania).

The agenda of this meetings includes at first the identification of trends, needs and problems of Vocational Education Training in a DUAL Training system in every nation, and second, the identification of best Teaching and Pedagogical Methods used by VET teachers in the Dual Training system.

The conclusions of this meeting will be shared in Germany among the other partners and their results will be deal in June 2014, and then, shared into a National Report.